5 most frequent diseases of men

About the most common female diseases, read our article on this topic.

Over the centuries of development of medicine, people have attempted to determine what diseases both men and women suffer from most frequently. This article considers the most common diseases of men.

Sleep apnea

In general, apnea is a very weak breath. People suffering from sleep apnea experience cessation of breath for over 10 – usually about 20-30  – seconds, and even up to 2-3 minutes in severe cases, which makes for 60% of sleeping time in all. This has a negative impact during the time when the person is awake and leads to memory impairment and intellectual deterioration. Men are known to suffer from this type of apnea twice as frequently as women – research shows that, 1 out of 25 men and 1 out of 50 women suffer from sleep apnea. In particular, apnea can be diagnosed through X-ray images of airways. If you’ve been diagnosed with apnea, it’s better to request a second medical opinion online before you decide to undergo a surgery in your country or abroad. To consult with a Swiss specialist regarding apnea in particular, simply upload your X-rays and recommendations from your doctor translated into German to one of the internet platforms specializing in independent medical expertise (like airdoc.ch) and you will soon have a written conclusion from a specialist, which will confirm or reject your diagnosis. Based on this, you will make a decision on whether to undergo treatment and if yes where to do it – abroad or in your country. In case of still having doubts after the written conclusion, schedule an extra consultation with a Swiss doctor via video conferencing (skype is usually enough) via the same online platform. One thing to remember – request the services of a professional medical interpreter together with a medical consultation.

Skin cancer

Skin cancer is an uncontrolled cells division of skin epithelium, a malignant tumor. There exist several types of the disease, and the most frequent is melanoma. As a rule, the reason for skin cancer development is excessive exposure to sun without using UV-radiation skin-protecting creams. Usually, men do not like to apply sunblock creams and, consequently, suffer from this terrible disease more often. Melanoma or other types of skin cancer and its pre-stages such as the ‘dangerous moles’ can be confirmed/rejected in an online mode, at a medical consultation. As soon as you schedule an online appointment, get a mobile camera with good resolution ready for your further video conference to be able to demonstrate suspicious birthmarks to a dermatologist. Also, you need to ensure sufficient lighting in the room where you will be present during a video conference with a Swiss specialist. Based on the shape and color as well as your medical history provided by you during the meeting, the Swiss doctor will advise you on further diagnostics, preventive measures or treatment of the disease, for example, biopsy, x-rays, immediate removal of the mole or simply prescheduled dermatological checks once in two years.   

Heart diseases

According to WHO (World Health Organization), cardiovascular diseases are the most common mortality causes in the world. In 2012, heart diseases accounted for 31% of all deaths and, most often, the use of tobacco and alcohol consumption, imbalanced diet, low physical activity and stress lead to their development. A recent research revealed that men`s strategies to overcome difficulties were different from those of women. On the whole, men are more exposed to stress because they are less emotional and psychologically flexible than women. Regular checkups or standard medical examinations allow to significantly reduce the risk of progressing heart diseases.

Type 2 Diabetes

People with insulin-dependent diabetes suffer from chronic hyperglycemia and have insulin resistance. Obesity is a common reason for such type of diabetes, and the disease starts progressing when a person is over forty years old. A research of men and women of the same age and with the same body mass indexes showed that men are more susceptible to type 2 diabetes than women, which means that men are less sensitive to insulin treatment.

Pancreatic Cancer

Men employed in metallurgy and chemical industry are most susceptible to pancreatic cancer

This is another malignant tumor with pancreatic cells dividing in an uncontrolled manner. Among the risk factors are alcohol consumption, too much of spicy and greasy food, and smoking are its risk factors. According to American Cancer Society, men are a bit more susceptible to pancreatic cancer compared to women because they consume more tobacco and alcohol. Nevertheless, this percentage has been reducing recently to become equal for both genders. This may be due to the fact that people become more conscious of their health and start undergoing preventive checks regularly, once a year, and medical technologies are developing and allow to treat more difficult cases.