Airdoc cooperates with Medobal

We are pleased to announce the promising cooperation between Airdoc and Medobal.

Markus, CEO, Airdoc GmbH and Piriya, International Business Development, Medobal

Western and Eastern medicine have been practicing different medical schools for ages. These two different approaches can bring about a very healing power for a person or a patient in a symbiosis. We also want to use this power for the benefit of our Airdoc customers. That is why we have realized a partnership, a modern medical Western-Eastern symbiosis: Airdoc and Medobal. Thanks to this cooperation, our Swiss as well as our foreign customers benefit because, in addition to access to first-class Swiss medicine via Airdoc, they now also receive a secure and high-quality range of classic and alternative medical services in Medobal’s country network.

Medobal is an International Healthcare solution provider with a network of 150+ hospitals, 500+ doctors, 20+ channel partners who provide a link between patients, hospitals, and doctors. The cooperation concerns the following countries: India, Sri Lanka, Turkey, UAE, and Malaysia.

The core of Medobal is to ease the medical journey of the patients with booking, personalized treatment plan, visa assistance, hospital suggestion, travel arrangements, personal care, telemedicine, Local language assistance etc., and to make sure that they get their successful treatment and recovery at the right time.

Airdoc and Medobal will support each other in marketing and communication in their target countries to promote their brands in its partner countries and increase the visibility.