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CEO Airdoc Markus Will acted as an expert in the magazine “Beauty and Health”

How can Swiss doctors help Russian colleagues and their patients? How to make Swiss medicine more accessible for people from the CIS countries? Central and respectable Russian magazine “Beauty and Health” (“Красота и здоровье”) addressed this question to our CEO, Markus Will. Our CEO spoke in “BaH” as an expert on the issue of “global medicine” – medicine through the Internet.

The topic of the article: “Protective reaction: according to unofficial data in Russia, a third of all diagnoses are incorrect.” Mr. Will, together with his Russian counterpart, described what can be done to make sure that the diagnosis given to you is correct. Of course, we are talking about a second opinion from a Swiss doctor.

“The second opinion” is the best way to get a high-level help from a high-profile specialist, without leaving home.

You still have time to read the details in the magazine – the issue is still available, or you can read more on our website.

The article: “Protective reaction”

Ms. L.a* enters the doctor’s office. One can see the nervousness in her face. She is nervous like any person, who is prepared to undergo a surgery. She looks tired as if she had traveled a thousand miles – and Ms. L.a really has a long journey behind her. She has received her diagnosis – a uterine fibroid that has to be removed surgically – back in Russia, and she traveled all the way to Switzerland to undergo the needed procedure. Everything is ready, and the surgery is set to take place tomorrow.

However, after some thirty minutes at the doctor’s, the patient leaves the building a bit confused, but also happier than before. The doctor has found the surgery unnecessary. According to the recommendations of doctors in Switzerland, Ms. L.a’s fibroid does not require a surgery at her age, but the physician has advised making regular yearly checkups. In Ms. L.a’s case, she doesn’t need to come to Switzerland to get them, as it is enough for her doctor to get the needed diagnostic images and test results via the Internet, in order to see the development trend of the situation with her diagnosis. A talk with the doctor on Skype will allow the patient to stay in contact with the physician and get the answers to Ms. L.a’s concerns as well as medical advice. Even more surprising is the fact, that even today’s visit to Switzerland was not necessary. If the doctor had received the information from the Russian patient online in advance, he would certainly not have planned the surgery in the first place.

This is a typical case for the Swiss doctors that can be managed online. An online consultation with a doctor from abroad is called “second medical opinion” and is becoming increasingly popular. Described above was one of several cases that Mr. Markus Will and his team have to deal with daily. “Beauty and Health” is interviewing this Swiss expert, who has been working on “Second opinion from Switzerland” for years (read more in Russian version).

*Name is changed by editors for reasons of anonymity.