The price of a desired child

“In Switzerland, one in vitro fertilization attempt including all medications will cost 8,000-12,000 francs depending on the clinic. If the first attempt is not successful but some fertilized frozen eggs are still available, then each subsequent attempt costs about 2,000-3,000 francs. Thus, one full cycle of in vitro fertilization can easily cost about 20,000 francs,” says Anastasia Sorvacheva Will, the co-founder of Airdoc Health Travel. Her new article for the Swiss Russian-language magazine “Russian Switzerland” tells about the situation where those who are faced with infertility in the Confederation find themselves, about the ways to solve the problem, prices and methods of reproductive medicine, and the legal restrictions in the country.

Scarcely any emotions, many facts and figures. Read the article about the challenging path of those who have to use reproductive medicine or decide on adoption in Switzerland online or by clicking the image below.

Anastasia Will Sorvacheva with a new issue of the magazine “Russian Switzerland”.

The picture was taken inside the Café Felix in Zurich