How to sleep well: Tips and tricks against insomnia

How to sleep well? Many of us do not get enough sleep, and even suffer from insomnia. However, problems with sleep are reversible! We have gathered advice from doctors and scientists about how to sleep properly and get enough sleep every night.

We all need to get some sleep. In theory, everyone knows this. But we also know that it is often easier to talk than to do. Fortunately, there are some simple tips and tricks that will help you sleep better – and maybe even once and for all to get rid of insomnia. At the same time, you will be able not only to calmly fall asleep, but also to wake up cheerful and rested.

Maintain an anxiety diary

It often happens that thoughts and anxiety attack us just before bedtime. This can turn out to be fatal for the quality of sleep: in the evening many problems seem worse than they really are. Therefore, psychologists and psychotherapists advise to write down your burdens before going to bed. This will help you leave any anxious thoughts out of your head, at least until the next morning.

Make a bed only a place to sleep

Do not watch movies, do not drink coffee and do not play on the phone in bed. Also, refrain from eating in bed – associate it exclusively with sleep and sex.

Limit the use of caffeine

If you have trouble sleeping, you should avoid caffeine after 2 PM – and for caffeine-sensitive people, the time of the last cup of coffee is shifted to noon.


Greetings from the kindergarten! Unusual, but fact: a brief nap after lunch is relaxing. It helps the body maintain a balance between rest and activity. Thus, you can  calm down in the evening better. Important: do not nap for more than 30 minutes!

Regular sleep schedule

Try to go to bed at the same time every day without exception. Yes, this also applies to the weekend, otherwise your rhythm will again get lost.

Test your medicines

Sometimes the medications you take on an ongoing basis can interfere with your calm sleep. Therefore, it is worth checking your medications for the expectancy such effects. Even antihypertensives can trigger sleep disturbances. Ask your doctor if there is an alternative, if your medicine is interfering with healthy sleep.

Do not eat before going to bed and avoid alcohol

Do not eat later than 7 PM, and try not to eat heavy, fatty foods for dinner. The reason is that if you do so, your body will spend too much time digesting – at night. Do not drink alcohol before bedtime either, as it reduces the duration of the deep sleep phase.

If you wake up, do not lie in bed

Many stay in bed, trying to fall asleep again if they wake up in the middle of the night. However, this does not help  against insomnia at all. The best strategy is to get up and get distracted, do something. Find an action that you can stop at any time, such as cleaning or crossword puzzles. Do not go to sleep again until you are tired.

Go outside more often

This point is especially important in the winter months due to lack of natural light. Try to go out daily! In daylight, healthy hormones are released, and they help regulate the cycle of sleep.

Create an evening ritual and follow it

In the evening, do not do anything that requires haste, and even better, do not go in for sports. It is better to choose quiet and calm pastimes – read a relaxing book, walk or listen to music.

Separate beds against snoring

Many married couples – especially older ones – face the problem of snoring. Studies show that sometimes snoring can reach a noise level equal to that of a passing truck! Therefore, ignoring the problem is not worth it. If you lie in bed and can not fall asleep because of the snoring of your partner, you need to come up with something. In addition to obvious solutions – for example, sleeping on separate beds or using earplugs, you can also contact your doctor for help against snoring.

Drink herbal tea

Certain herbal teas can help you fall asleep. Drink it before bedtime, and you will see positive results. Tea can be made from a variety of herbs and flowers – valerian root, lemon balm and hops – according to old folk recipes.

Good climate

Even in winter, you should not overheat the bedrooms – and this is not so simple in a central heating environment. The optimal temperature is 16-17 degrees, and the optimum humidity should be between 45 and 65 percent. You can buy an air humidifier in order to regulate the humidity, and to regulate the temperature in a central heating environment you need to ventilate the apartment often.

Remove the alarm clock from the bedside table

According to experts, putting the clock and alarm clock on the bedside table is not the best idea for a healthy sleep. These items can increase insomnia panic. The fact is that if you can not fall asleep, then you look at the clock, and when you see the time, you are getting nervous, and accordingly, your chances of a quick falling asleep decrease even more rapidly. This can turn into a vicious circle.

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