To be a single mom by choice in Switzerland

Restaurants across Switzerland remain closed, so there is nothing left to do in the evening but sit by the fireside and read. The article “A single mom by choice” in the festive issue of the magazine “Russian Switzerland” is concerned with the origins of this social movement in the USA, Switzerland, and Russia. You will also learn whether reproductive medicine in Switzerland and the laws of the Swiss Confederation support women who choose to bear and raise a child without any moral or material partner support.

Refusal of any financial support and waiver of any claims are the essential characteristics of the movement “Single mothers by choice”. The article generalizes the true stories of a few women from Switzerland and provides a key to understanding the reason why some women choose this way of starting a family.

Read the article in Russian by the co-founder of our company Airdoc Health Travel and the organizer of the Kinderwunsch Info Weekend, the first information weekend in Switzerland for everyone who wants to become parents, online, in print or by clicking the image below.