Cosmetic and plastic surgery: your benefits

According to statistics, cosmetic and plastic surgery are among the most widespread surgeries among both men and women today. While some procedures are carried out due to medical reasons, most of them are intended exclusively for aesthetic purposes. For those who consider a plastic surgery (e.g. as a treatment abroad), we will list some of its advantages for you.

Feeling better

Abdominoplasty and liposuction were developed specially for people willing to lose weight. These procedures not only help to look slimmer but help to stabilize high blood pressure, cholestenone concentration in blood and, by all means, are extremely helpful in fighting obesity.  

Women suffering from back pains because of a large breast might consider breast reduction surgery. After such operations, patients not only feel much better but perceive their body more positively, which helps them to maintain a healthy lifestyle further in the future.     

Men willing to reduce their bellies should be first examined by an experienced plastic surgeon.

In fact, it might not always be possible to correct the typical ‘male’ belly fat through a surgery. An experienced and honest doctor will determine in your specific case if it is worth undergoing an operation or the effect will be too insignificant to go for a surgical interference. When informed in detail, the patient can evaluate the effect of upcoming treatment and the duration of the result more realistically. Accurate information would help to avoid postoperative disappointment and find the most optimal method of therapy. The initial consultation can be provided by a surgeon during a personal or online appointment. If you submit the results of your routine check-ups, a doctor will examine your documents and x-rays, estimate your condition visually through Skype (video communication) and recommend further steps towards your ideal body. During an online consultation, you will be able to clearly understand whether you should go for a treatment abroad, which will help you save time and money on flights and hotel accommodation. However, something which is not worth saving on is, by all means, a good interpreter. Whether you decide to consult with a doctor online or visit them in person in Switzerland, for example, you should gain the support of a professional medical interpreter to avoid misunderstanding of the situation, miscommunication and a disappointment in the end.      

Increased self-esteem

A recent psychological test involving three groups of people (patients after a plastic surgery, those who rejected the idea and those who had never considered it) showed that people who have undergone a surgery are more self-confident, pleased with their body and less anxious compared to the two other groups.   

Patients who seek a plastic surgeon know perfectly well what they would like to change in themselves to start feeling beautiful. Therefore, their self-esteem and self-confidence after an operation rise significantly, which is one of the greatest advantages the cosmetic surgery can offer.   

You look younger

Cosmetic surgery has repeatedly proven to be successful as a preventive measure or in eliminating the signs of ageing both for younger and older people. Skin rejuvenation is quite popular among young women; these procedures help to fight the first signs of aging – first wrinkles or mimic wrinkles, and minor defects such as pigment spots and acne scars.   

Eyebrow, neck, face and eyelid lifting helps to get rid of wrinkles and saggy skin. After such surgeries patients look fresh and several years younger. However, to understand which rejuvenation method would be suitable for you specifically, finding a trusted plastic surgeon would be a must – while circular facelift might not be an option for you, threads or simple injections could be quite a good alternative. If you have doubts regarding a doctor, do not hesitate to go for a specialist’s second or third opinion.

An independent medical judgement will help you to understand your case much better. Medical expert examination is also available online: for example, you are planning a cost-effective operation in Israel but would like to obtain the second opinion from a more expensive medical Swiss specialist. You can make an online appointment and receive an opinion of a Swiss doctor being at home. By doing this, this will be able to understand whether it is worth going to your chosen specialist in Israel to undergo the operation, or some additional examinations should be carried out first.      

Eliminating physical defects by a plastic surgery

Some patients address plastic surgeons to improve the consequences of accidents or injuries as well as inborn defects or abnormal development. Such defects often heavily affect the life quality and may lead to progression of diseases.

Plastic surgery will help not only eliminate the inconvenient defects, but also raise your self-esteem.

The elimination of these problems is in the domain of reconstructive surgery. Doctors who specialize in this field reconstruct a breast after mastectomy or can make a large breast smaller to help the patient get rid of back problems because of it. Plastic surgeons can also be helpful for patients who have survived after accidents and are willing to remove scars. Face operations are very common as well: rhinoplasty, for example, is quite a routine treatment of snoring and a permanently stuffy nose.   

Increased work efficiency

This is probably the biggest advantage of plastic surgery – not only does it improve the condition of your body, it also contributes to your professional work efficiency.

  • Rhinoplasty relieves breathing problems, and therefore improves sleep and quality of life
  • Plastic surgery makes a person more beautiful, improving their self-esteem and has a positive impact on mental health in general. Social anxiety goes down – as a result, you are ready to experiment and seek new opportunities again
  • Some plastic surgeries like breast reduction improve body posture to make a woman feel well, and a good condition in general, increases mobility and work efficiency
  • Liposuction improves life quality not only because the patient’s weight is reduced – the problems related to high pressure, high concentration of cholestenone in blood or dyspnea are eliminated as well; and the probability of cardiovascular diseases becomes much lower     

Despite the fact that many perceive plastic surgery critically, it becomes more and more popular every year. Those who consider a plastic surgery should be free of prejudice, but remember what they are getting themselves into is still an operation. Also, before making the final decision, they should select the clinic carefully and consult with their family doctor or even several specialists. Read clients’ feedback and study the information about procedures, go to examinations and book appointments via Skype and in person. When choosing a cosmetic surgeon, you should pay attention to recommendations from other patients or faithful specialists working in the sphere of medical tourism; you can ask a translator or a plastic medicine manager. In many countries, and Switzerland is not an exception, the law does not require doctors to confirm specific qualifications in plastic surgery. Therefore, sometimes doctors of another specialization also do plastic surgery casually. In order to find a professional who is permanently involved exclusively in this medical sphere and highly skilled in plastic surgery and injections, you should select the information thoroughly, consult the agents, former patients and translators. It is also important to listen to your own intuition and it will advise you which doctor you should trust.