What is Not Taught in School (Yet)

The issue of gender equality plays an important role in Swiss schools. Boys and girls are taught to respect each other’s rights, special attention is paid to the principles of equality between the sexes. However, what is not clearly stated is that nature does not comply with the law of gender equality, especially in terms of reproduction and fertility. Men retain the ability to have children for many years with minor reservations, while this period for women is sharply limited. Science corrects natural injustice: social freezing allows women to slow down the biological clock and extend fertility. But it is recommended that women use this technology at a fairly young age. Unfortunately, ignorance of this fact often leads to stress and missed opportunities, because social freezing is not discussed in school, mothers and daughters do not talk about it at the family hearth. However, this technology is relatively new and may therefore not have taken an important place in society yet. For more information about the method of slowing down the biological clock, read the article for “Russian Switzerland” by the head of our company, Anastasia Will Sorvacheva.

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