Pregnancy and childbirth in Switzerland

Almost all future mothers think about where to give birth. In the end, they want the birth to take place in a calm, good and friendly atmosphere. Therefore, childbirth in Switzerland is becoming more and more popular. There is a really big choice of where and how to give birth.

Switzerland is the most stable and peaceful country in the world according to the US News & World Report 2018. Expectant mothers in this country can choose freely between university clinics, private hospitals, independent “maternity homes” and can even opt for childbirth at home in the presence of midwives.

Childbirth in Switzerland involves highly qualified doctors and obstetricians, as well as the most advanced methods of obstetric care. Depending on the course of pregnancy, you should choose the appropriate clinic or maternity hospital.

Clinics with departments of neonatology

In Zurich, for example, there are 8 specialized maternity clinics with departments of neonatology, and each one has its own advantages. One of the largest clinics is the University Hospital. There are general, semi-private and private maternity wards here. The approximate cost of natural childbirth, including fee for an unplanned caesarean section with the stay in a private room will amount to about 39,000 Swiss francs. The fee for caesarean section in the university clinic is collected even if the child is planned to be born in the natural way – this is a precautionary measure. This amount provides for the normal course of childbirth of a healthy baby, as well as the stay of the mother in the clinic for five days. The company AirDoc will gladly take the responsibility of organizing the registration of the future mother in the maternity ward. AirDoc works with both the University Clinic of Zurich and other smaller, but also specialized maternity hospitals with neonatology departments and will happily take care of organizing the process of childbirth for you. You can pay the deposit for the treatment directly to the clinic, and our services will include only the organizational fee and the translation services, if there is a need in the latter. The maternity ward with neonatology should be selected if there is any doubt about the condition of the fetus. It is worth mentioning that in this case, Zurich’s maternity wards work closely with the most famous children’s clinic in Switzerland – Zürich Kinderpital (Zurich Child Hospital), which allows you to maximize the safety process for both the baby and the mother.

Elite maternity boutique clinics. Natural childbirth and cesarean section

Alberto Venzago Cellules souches Nescens PKB

Also in the financial capital of Switzerland, Zurich, there are several elite maternity wards, where births take place in a homely and comfortable atmosphere , and the new mothers are helped by an army of professional midwives and nannies. One of these maternity clinics is the Bethanien clinic, which is also officially represented by Airdoc. Here, in addition to private maternity rooms (equipped with baths for delivery) and wide special maternity beds, there are tools ready to reduce the pain of contractions. At the disposal of young parents there are spacious rooms for their and the baby’s stay, as well as rooms for the reception of guests.

Natural births in such a boutique clinic include the following: 5-day stay in a single room, nursing care, room service, full board, 48 hours of free parking for the accompanying person, natural birth and subsequent recovery = 6 hours in the delivery room, midwife services, cardiotocography performed by a gynecologist, nursing care for a newborn, medicines, doctor fees, anesthesiologist services and epidural anesthesia if necessary (included in the price), pediatrician, examination of a newborn, ultrasound, 2 post-natal counselings, gynecological examination: first reception, 4 follow-up consultations before and after childbirth, support during natural childbirth, including daily visits, medical reports. Estimated costs thus run higher, generally around 36’000 Swiss Francs.

Delivery by caesarean section is more expensive due to it being a surgery. This can make the cost higher –  to approximately 47,000 Swiss Francs.

Alberto Venzago Cellules souches Nescens PKB

How to organize childbirth

Airdoc will help organize childbirth in leading Swiss specialized clinics and make sure that they leave you with exceptionally positive impressions.

It is worth remembering that a flight to another country is also a burden, that’s why we give all our clients advice regarding the choice of the medical specialist, and we help plan your trip. Future mothers are advised to come to Switzerland for at least a month before the expected date of the joyful event and no longer leave. It is also reasonable if your Swiss gynecologist will take care of your pregnancy from an early stage. To do this, you will need to come to our country several times to consult and see your obstetrician-gynecologist. For the peace of future parents, Airdoc also organized such a service as remote consultation: you can always send your Swiss doctor the results of tests, ultrasound images, and ask questions on video consultation. Communication with the doctor is not interrupted and after the birth of the baby. With any question it is possible to address to your expert by means of consultation on-line or simply to arrive.

Airdoc cooperates with leading Swiss clinics, and helps in the organization of high-class treatment. With us, you can count on:

  • Assistance in preparing a travel plan for treatment and stay in Switzerland
  • Assistance in preparation of all relevant documents
  • Assistance with accommodation
  • Also, we provide all our clients with an interpreter. If urgently needed, there is also the opportunity to contact doctors directly, bypassing all organizational and bureaucratic “barriers”.

Thanks to the fact that the founders of Airdoc have worked  in the field of Swiss healthcare for many years, we have an extensive network of professional contacts. In turn, this means that for any request, you can find a specialized, highly specialized doctor – whether in rehabilitation, general or specialized clinics, private medical practices, etc.