Healthy diet is not always healthy

“Fasting for the planet”: A growing trend for vegan, vegetarian and bio nutrition sometimes conceals eating and mental disorders that can pose a threat to life. At the same time, a reasonable reduction in animal-based food consumption or a conscious, controlled transition to a plant-based diet can be beneficial both to an individual and the entire society. A new article by Anastasia Will Sorvacheva, one of the general managers of our company Airdoc, in the Swiss edition of “Russian Switzerland” tells about a healthy vegan diet as well as about the types of dangerous eating disorders and the ways to recognize them. It is especially important for parents of teenagers to monitor the eating behaviour of their children.

The article also analyzes the study by Swiss and English scientists of the impact of the production of animal and plant-based food on the environment and the overall health of the planet. If humanity does not change its eating behaviour in the near future by reasonably reducing the consumption of animal-based products, the situation will continue to worsen. Why? – Read a new article in Russian by clicking the image below.