A Topical Documentary

On May 27, the premiere of the documentary “Menschenskind!” directed by Marina Belobrova will take place in the German-speaking part of Switzerland. The film was included in the official programmes of the 2021 international film festivals in France and Germany, International Film Festival Nyon and Dok.fest Munich.

The name of the documentary to be translated as “Human Cub!” is transparent and understandable at first glance. A child is a child, nothing seems to be easier. However, the German name is a play on words: the same expression can be translated as “Man alive!”. Is everything connected with a human cub really so unambiguous and simple in our world of uncontrollably changing family models, reproductive medicine going forward with leaps and bounds, legislation bogged down in the past and society full of stereotypes? – These questions are posed to the viewers by the documentary “Menschenskind!” coincidentally released on the eve of the Swiss referendum “Marriage for All” on the recognition of the right of every person to a family regardless of his/her orientation.

This documentary by the Swiss director also echoes the Kinderwunsch Info Weekend organized by Airdoc. Before the screening of the film, Anastasia Will Sorvacheva, the co-organizer of the weekend and an employee of Airdoc, asked the director and artist Marina Belobrova a few questions.

Read the interview published in Russian in the magazine “Russian Switzerland” by clicking the image below.