Healthy Eating: Key Principles

Can you feed yourself in such a way that your body stays healthy and slim? The answer is: Of course! All that you need to do is follow the key principles of healthy eating. 

Good Nutrition is Not a Diet

The first and most important rule of healthy eating: do not perceive it as a temporary diet. The health-promoting effect of good nutrition can only be achieved if you constantly adhere to its principles. However, healthy eating does not mean that you consume the same number of kilocalories throughout your life. With age, the calorie content of your meals should decrease. With a consistent amount of protein, the consumption of animal fats and carbohydrates should be gradually reduced.

Perceive healthy eating as a pleasant ritual – prepare fresh food as often as possible (ideally always) and eat only when hungry. Listen to your body, eat slowly. Chew your food thoroughly, enjoy its taste and aroma, and stop eating when full. Overeating is harmful even if you overeat healthy foods.

Versatile Nutrition

Eat a balanced diet! Good nutrition includes all macro and micronutrients that your body needs. By eliminating any nutrient, such as fats or carbohydrates, you do not do your body any good. Due to the lack of these or those nutrients, your brain triggers a craving for the ingredient you have neglected, which can lead to hunger pangs, overeating and weight gain.

5 Small Meals a Day

Eating more often, but less is one of the key principles of healthy eating. By eating this way, you can avoid overeating and at the same time better control your appetite and boost metabolism by speeding up the digestive process.

Soup as Food and Drink

Do not let your organism dry out. Try to drink 2-3 litres of water per day. Note that juices and other drinks do not count and caffeine-containing drinks count even “negatively”, i.e. you need more water if you drink coffee and strong black tea.

Soups and soft foods also contribute to regulating your water balance and digestion. If you include them in your meal plan, you will feel much lighter after eating.

Fruit and Vegetables, Vitamins

In the context of healthy eating, it is recommended to consume five servings of fruit and vegetables a day. Other benefits of increasing the proportion of plant foods in your diet include cancer prevention and a perfect figure.