Your Body is Your Business

All employees of our company have repeatedly told many of our clients about the importance of independent medical examination and helped them get a second medical opinion from Swiss doctors, both directly in the local medical practices and online: based on the previous opinions, images, tests and subsequent questions from an online expert. Seeking an independent medical examination is an example of self-love. Every person should take responsibility for his/her own body and its treatment, which means: first, to get the necessary information, and secondly, to consider the individual pros and cons of therapies and make a decision based on his/her personal situation. One of the surest ways to get information is to seek a second and sometimes a third independent medical opinion.

At the request of the magazine “Russian Switzerland!”, our medical interpreter and co-founder Anastasia Sorvacheva Will described the situations when something prevents people from consulting another doctor. Read about the fears and myths associated with a second medical opinion in the article in Russian by clicking the image below.