CEO Airdoc Markus Will acted as an expert in the magazine “Beauty and Health”

Read about us in July in the Russian press!

How can Swiss doctors help Russian colleagues and their patients? How to make Swiss medicine more accessible for people from the CIS countries? Central and respectable Russian magazine “Beauty and Health” (“Красота и здоровье”) addressed this question to our CEO, Markus Will. Our CEO spoke in “BaH” as an expert on the issue of “global medicine” – medicine through the Internet.

The topic of the article: “Protective reaction: according to unofficial data in Russia, a third of all diagnoses are incorrect.” Mr. Will, together with his Russian counterpart, described what can be done to make sure that the diagnosis given to you is correct. Of course, we are talking about a second opinion from a Swiss doctor.

“The second opinion” is the best way to get a high-level help from a high-profile specialist, without leaving home.

You still have time to read the details in the magazine – the issue is still available, or you can read more on our website.