AIRDOC was established to connect patients with top-quality Swiss, European, global medicine.

Airdoc Health Travel GmbH is a Swiss company based in Zurich and specializing in the organizing of medical examinations, treatment, accompaniment and interpretation/translation, preventive and therapeutic medical touristic services in Switzerland and around the world.

Main services of AIRDOC :

  • Treatment and prevention in Switzerland and around the world
  • Telemedicine from Switzerland, video consultations with Swiss doctors and online second medical opinions
  • Medical interpretation and accompaniment services in Switzerland

Our decade-long experience has allowed us to create an extensive database of clinics and practices with various specializations. Our mission is to connect clients with the specialized medical institutions providing high-quality services and assist them during the period of treatment in Switzerland.

We are sure that every person around the world deserves to have access to quality medical services. Therefore, we offer online medical opinions and online consultations with Swiss doctors: you can directly consult geniuses from the world of medicine right from home. The medical condition or personal circumstances of foreign patients may prevent them from visiting Switzerland. By using online consulting services, they can get an expert opinion from a Swiss doctor right from home. It helps you save precious time and effort and choose the right direction to improve your health. We help our clients find a proper doctor.
Our medical partners

By using the services of AIRDOC, you create a long-term and permanent relationship with your Swiss treating doctor. It will not end after your departure from Switzerland. AIRDOC will quickly and effectively connect you with top-quality Swiss medicine from any part of the world by using the internet, a video conference, and a platform for the transmission of medical records. And, of course, our employees will accompany you to your Swiss doctor upon arrival.

Why Airdoc:

  • We will help you resolve your medical issue in a fast, efficient and professional manner with all our heart and reason
  • Full package of services in the medical field and beyond – from visa support, medical appointment and airport pick-up to hotel accommodation and hospitalization, transfers to clinics and back to the airport
  • Recognition in the medical field
  • Years of efficient work in Swiss medicine: our experts know how, where and which doctor to consult
  • Individual approach and not a standardized product
  • Extensive database of direct and personal contacts with the best Swiss and foreign medical specialists, clinics, rehabilitation and check-up centres
  • Opportunity to meet your doctor before your personal consultation by using a video conference
  • Safety and security of complex encryption tools used for the transmission of medical records
  • Confidentiality
Warm welcome in Bethanien – our partner clinic

We will:

  • Organize treatment in Switzerland and foreign partner clinics
  • Make an appointment whenever convenient for you
  • Schedule your check-up, examination or treatment
  • Provide translation and interpretation services
  • Arrange remote medical consultations through use of a video conference
  • Provide you with a written second medical opinion and review of the suggested diagnosis
  • Give access to a secure encrypted Swiss system for uploading medical records and protection of the uploaded data
  • Organize your recreation in Switzerland
  • Assist in planning your family`s leisure time and an eventful holiday and effective education for your children