Our clients

Airdoc provides its services both to legal entities – clinics and medical practices – and individuals – doctora and patients. Our company offers three main types of services to clinics and medical practices: “marketing and promotion in the German-speaking market – Switzerland, Germany and Austria”; online second medical opinion – medical report and diagnosis clarification from doctor to doctor”; “translation and interpretation services”. Private doctors are provided with the mentioned services and organizational and marketing support during patient care. Airdoc arranges check-up and treatment in Switzerland and the partner countries, the preparation of medical reports and online consultations from Switzerland and Germany for patients and medical tourists. Medical translation and interpretation are among the most in-demand services requested by the clients going abroad to improve their health.

Our clients include patients belonging to different generations, having various occupations and interests and coming from different countries. But they all have one thing in common – a reasonable and rational approach to the maintenance of health of themselves and their families and respect for the top Swiss, European, world medicine. Health is a very delicate and private issue requiring a lot of attention, confidentiality and tact. The Airdoc services are based on this idea. Our clients often ask for full confidentiality and give us their reviews only in oral form or recommend us to their friends. We respect their choice and are grateful to them for this word of mouth. Some of our loyal clients do not conceal their rational attitude to health. You can find their reviews below. We look forward to receiving your reviews! Please contact us using the link at the bottom of the page.

Who are our clients and medical tourists

Our partner clinic Lindberg in the City of Winterthur, Switzerland

Our clients come to Switzerland and partner countries for medical examination, treatment, rehabilitation or to get the benefits of foreign medicine remotely.
Planning treatment abroad tends to raise numerous questions. Our clients have their own needs and Airdoc uses a strictly individual approach to each of them.

Some of our clients have already consulted doctors in their home countries and are unsure about the proposed diagnosis. In case of any uncertainty or if the proposed treatment is complicated, risky or unpleasant, an independent second medical opinion is necessary. A second opinion can be obtained online, from the comfort of your home, from a top Swiss specialist.

Others come to Switzerland for treatment and sometimes combine it with a holiday. We assess and select clinics and doctors and organize transfers, hotel accommodation, visa invitation, interpretation and translation of documents and plan leisure and accommodation for your companions.

Some clients organize treatment on their own and need linguistic support of our interpreters and translators. The linguistic skills of medical interpreters go far beyond everyday language, since interpretation in the course of treatment requires the use of the appropriate medical vocabulary. An experienced interpreter also follows the principles of neutrality, independence and confidentiality. We will select and provide a professional interpreter for you and your doctor and if necessary organize permanent linguistic support.

In case of any questions do not hesitate to contact us at info@airdoc.ch

Our partners
Below are some of our partner clinics. The full list is provided upon request