Full Accompaniment Package for Treatment, Rehabilitation and Prevention in Switzerland

You want to get the best treatment, let a certain organ recover or go through a full check-up and improve your health? Request our Full Medical Touristic Package – a package of services for prevention or treatment of various types of diseases, touristic services according to the client`s health condition, limousine service, hotel accommodation and interpretation.

A standard Medical Touristic Package includes medical consultations, complex examinations and procedures required in the course of treatment and ancillary organizational and supporting steps. Modern Packages provide top-quality treatment and include if necessary 24-hour accompaniment of the patient, interpretation services, limousine service, nutritionist services, accommodation booking, and visa support.

In addition, a Medical Touristic Package includes rehabilitation and recreation activities such as excursions, SPA treatment and exercise. Completion of an advanced Medical Touristic Package may take one month or even more. Its cost may vary and shall be calculated depending on the treatment, type of accommodation (hotel or clinic) of the tourist, and additional paramedical and extramedical activities.

The concept of the Medical Touristic Package, i.e. a package in the terms of prevention or treatment in the field of medical tourism, has become one of the essential components of modern medicine. The Packages may apply to eye, lung, cardiovascular diseases and prevention. More detailed information is available on our website at Why You Should Choose a Medical Touristic Package in Switzerland.