Online Second Medical Opinions from Switzerland, Diagnosis Analysis and Written Medical Expert Reports

Airdoc offers patients a medical expert examination by Swiss and German doctors. If you are unsure about the proposed diagnosis, if you are planning an operation and wonder if there are any other methods of treatment in your case, if you just want your situation to be examined by a Swiss doctor, please request a second medical opinion from Airdoc. A report written by an independent medical specialist concerning the examination results, proposed diagnoses and therapy schedule or a second medical opinion help the patients choose the most effective treatment and prevention which significantly increases the safety of the patients. After uploading, through our encrypted system, or emailing your results and reports about your previous examinations, MRI, CT, X-ray, PET-CT, and ultrasound images, tests etc., you will receive a written report about your health condition from a top doctor with an appropriate specialization practising in Switzerland or a partner country. Please note that the description of the diagnoses and therapy should be provided in English or German.

The cost of the second opinion from a Swiss doctor, including an accurate translation of the required documentation: 1900 Swiss francs.

The cost of the second opinion from a Swiss doctor without a translation: 1300 Swiss francs

Our services include:

  • Coordination and organization of a medical expert examination by a Swiss doctor with an appropriate specialization
  • Thorough examination of your medical records and images by a medical specialist with an appropriate specialization
  • Fast and secure processing of your medical records
  • Provision of an expert report and recommendations issued by a top Swiss doctor based on your previous examinations
  • Translation of the report into Russian: medical translation requires appropriate expert knowledge in the medical field.
  • Translation of your medical records into German (translation package)

An online second medical opinion can be beneficially combined with a video conference with a Swiss medical specialist providing a medical expert examination. The video conference will allow you to ask questions and dispel your concerns.

The second opinion service is also offered to our medical colleagues who want to clarify some issues or the diagnoses of their patients with Swiss/foreign doctors.

How to send your medical records? – Click “Medical Dossier” or send them using a file sharing service or email. Protection of patient data is our highest priority, therefore we have created the Medical dossier. Data is transmitted using a secure SSL technology. Your encrypted data will be stored on a Swiss server. You will receive a random password, please keep it secure! It is impossible to reset or change the password for security reasons. You can also email your medical records or use a file sharing service. Please note that no method of electronic data transmission is considered 100% hack-proof. If a patient wants to remain completely anonymous by all means, please use a nickname but indicate the real age and other personal physical characteristics. Request the service “Medical Expert Examination” by filling in the “Medical Dossier” (please have your electronic medical records ready) or fill in the “Free Request” form below.