Treatment and Prevention in Switzerland

Do you need a single consultation with a Swiss physician, paediatrician, dermatologist or are you interested in fast orthopaedic treatment, childbirth in Switzerland, long-term treatment with multiple cardiology or oncology consultations, a single or regular check-up with your Swiss treating doctor – We will arrange any type of treatment or prevention. Airdoc organizes treatments, check-ups, diagnostics, examinations, rehabilitation, childbirth and SPA in Switzerland. Airdoc also has representatives in Germany, the Czech Republic and other partner countries.

The cost is calculated individually upon receipt of your request. The estimated cost of medical services in Switzerland is available in «Q&A».

Our services include:

  • Treatment in Switzerland and abroad
  • Individual check-up (depending on your age, sex, needs) with Swiss and foreign doctors
  • Examination in Switzerland and foreign partner clinics
  • Hospitalization and surgery in Swiss and foreign clinics
  • Childbirth in Switzerland
  • In vitro fertilization in Switzerland and abroad
  • Selection and assessment of proper doctors and clinics
  • Provision of medical offers and clarification of details
  • Coordination of communication with your doctor or medical team
  • Hotel accommodation or hospitalization of clients
  • Тransfer
  • Visa support
  • Interpretation and translation services
  • Accompaniment service
  • Wellness & SPA