General Terms and Conditions of Service

I. General

1. These General Terms and Conditions of Use (GTC) govern the relations between Airdoc Health Travel GmbH, Zurich (Airdoc) and persons wishing to use the services of Airdoc. The current version of the GTC are available on the Internet at under „GTC“ (see also section X below).
2. Airdoc is the owner and operator of the internet platform (Platform). Private individuals (Customers) can use the services offered there via the Platform.
3. Airdoc itself does not offer medical and educational services, but arranges them as an intermediary. The contractual relationship exists between the user and the relevant medical service or educational services providers (Contractors) in accordance with (Service Contract, see section IV and Annex 1).

II. Functionality

1.  Airdoc’s task is the safe operation and maintenance of the platform as well as the mediation of the contract between clients and contractors (see I 3.).
2. The contractor commissioned by the client prepares the service on the basis of the documents presented by the client and detailed information. Airdoc and the contractor recommend a personal consultation with the client on site.
3. By submitting their documents and information, the contractor guarantees that the documents and information transmitted by them are genuine, that all information and data provided by them is true and complete and that they have all the rights necessary for the transmission of the documents, information and data Should a third party assert claims against Airdoc and/or the contractor because the transfer was made in violation of third-party rights (such as intellectual property rights or personal rights), the client undertakes to indemnify Airdoc and the service provider in full.
4. Airdoc confirms the request of the client on behalf of the contractor. With the confirmation, a binding service contract is concluded between the client and the contractor (see section IV.).

III. Liability

1. Airdoc does not guarantee the uninterrupted availability of the platform. In particular, Airdoc shall not be liable for disruptions in the quality of access to the platform services due to force majeure or events for which Airdoc is not responsible.
2. Airdoc is not liable if the user violates these terms and conditions (GTC) or the service contract.
3. Airdoc cannot be held liable for any damage that occurs in connection with a service. Airdoc is not a party to the service contract. Users are aware that provision of a service through the platform is not a substitute for a visit to a medical specialist, a second opinion is not an official medical opinion, and a personal consultation with a local service provider is beneficial.

IV. Data Protection

Airdoc attaches utmost importance to the protection of personal data. Airdoc collects, processes, stores and uses personal data only in strict compliance with Swiss data protection legislation and the privacy policy issued by Airdoc. By using the platform, the user agrees to the use of their personal data as set forth in the privacy policy.

What we use your data for

When you provide your information in the request form, you agree to our Privacy Policy. The data we require includes your full name, email, country, town and date of birth. Your email and first name is used for correspondence about the services and newsletter subscription. Additional data you might have given includes your medical documents and personal comments, as well as your physical address.

Airdoc ensures the confidentiality and security of your data. Your data will be used solely for the purposes for which you gave your consent and will never be given to third parties not involved in your specific case (see “Who has access to your personal data” below).

How your data is stored

Your data is kept encrypted and separate from other people’s data. All health data will be hosted on servers in Switzerland that guarantee state-of-the-art data security. Airdoc will in no case transfer or store health data abroad.

Your rights and our guarantees

Every user of our services (16 years old or older) has the right to be informed about their personal data we use, and the right to access the data they have given at any point in time. We always leave you the right to modify your data, manage who has the rights to access it or change it, or you can request for your personal data to be completely erased. We are committed to keep you updated about any changes regarding your personal data, and we guarantee not giving your personal information to any third parties.

Who has access to your personal data

Your personal data can only be modified by you and by your data administrator. The data can only be seen by the medical or education specialists, Airdoc administrators and your personal interpreter when there is a need for this data to support any medical process that is required. Both the medical staff and the interpreters are not allowed to disclose your personal information to anyone else (rule of confidentiality) unless required by a plan to organize and provide you with services. . If the personal information is that of a child below 16 years of age, the personal information may be disclosed to the child’s legal guardians.

V. Declaration on Delivery of Medical Confidentiality

For the operation of the platform, Airdoc relies on the processing of health information of users, which may be subject to medical confidentiality (Art. 321 of Penal Code). To the extent that Airdoc’s organs or staff (for example, interpreters) are under medical confidentiality, users shall expressly release them from medical confidentiality regarding all information and documents they provide at the platform (for example, as part of a request for a second opinion).

VI. Applicable Law, Jurisdiction

These terms and conditions (GTC) are subject to Swiss law, excluding the UN sales law. For all claims in connection with these terms and conditions (GTC), the ordinary courts of the city of Zurich shall be exclusively responsible.

VII. Changes to these Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Those current terms and conditions (GTC) are applicable, which are published on the platform with date.

Annex 1
Service contract users / third party providers

The following contract is concluded between a user and the third party.
Service Contract
User (“Customer”)
Third Party Provider (“Contractor / Service Provider”)

§ 1. Object of the contract
The third party shall provide for the client one of the services displayed on the platform and requested by the client.

§ 2. Services and prices
The services and prices are presented on the platform. The current tariffs and details published on the platform are applicable in accordance with the date of the order and are subject to change.

§ 3. Liability
The customer is informed in the general terms and conditions of the platform, that Airdoc, Markus Will recommends personally discussing the situation and the further medical procedure / education procedure with another medical specialist / education specialist on site. In their own interest, therefore, it is up to the customer to comply with this recommendation. If the client ignores this recommendation, they are aware that this is not conducive to the best possible diagnosis or treatment. Any damage caused to the client as a result of disregard for the stated recommendation shall be borne by the client himself.

§ 4. Confidentiality
The parties (customer, contractor, Airdoc) undertake to maintain secrecy about all matters that come to their attention with regard to everyone, even after termination of the service. However, the contractor is authorized to upload documents to the online platform of Airdoc so that the customer can download them from there. The customer releases the corresponding service provider to Airdoc in this respect from the medical confidentiality and personal confidentiality.

§ 5. Final Provisions
Should any provision of this contract be wholly or partially invalid, this shall not affect the validity of the remaining provisions. In this case, the parties are obliged to negotiate an effective and reasonable substitute provision that comes as close as possible to the economic purpose pursued by the parties in the invalid provision. The same applies to gaps in the contract.

Jurisdiction for all disputes arising from this contract is the competent court in Zurich. Swiss law applies.

From 30 November 2017