Our team

Both the team and the founders of Airdoc Health Travel GmbH have extensive experience in the field of Swiss healthcare and training as well as the accompaniment and assistance to foreign clients in Swiss clinics and during the training programmes. Airdoc was established based on a recognized Swiss model of medical and training institutions and clinics combining medicine, training, and management. In terms of medicine, the team is represented by certified medical interpreters and translators officially accredited by the best Swiss clinics. The training courses are provided by certified trainers. Our management and marketing experts are responsible for medical and training management. Our partner team consists of doctors, managers, and administrators of clinics, medical assistants, and training managers from boarding schools. We engage experts and native speakers of German, Russian, English, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish and other languages as managers, medical interpreters and translators, and professional attendants both on a part-time and full-time basis. We also cooperate with experienced tour operators and experts in the field of medical tourism. Our procedures have been developed by Airdoc Health Travel, meet our quality standards, and are binding on all independent experts.

Our mission is to connect clients with specialized institutions providing quality medical, wellness and training services and to assist them during the whole treatment, training or vacation in Switzerland.