The cost of treatment in Switzerland shall be calculated based on the requested type of examination or treatment. Please send us a request by filling in the form on our webpage or email us at info@airdoc.ch, and we will send you the estimated cost of treatment. The information below is for reference only:

The cost of an onsite consultation with a Swiss medical specialist will start from CHF 550.00 (CHF almost equals USD and is worth a bit less than EUR)

The cost of a night in a single ward of a Swiss clinic will start from CHF 1800.00 (depending on the level of the ward and clinic)

The total cost of gastroenterology tests and colonoscopy will be around CHF 3900.00

The cost of cataract surgery will start from CHF 4000.00 (depending on the lens type and clinic)

The cost of a basic check-up or preventive examination will start from CHF 3000.00

Childbirth in Switzerland will cost around CHF 45.000,00 in case of a caesarean delivery and around CHF 36,000.00 in case of a natural delivery

One session of radiotherapy or radiation therapy – from CHF 1000.00

Joint replacement – from CHF 26,000.00

Ophthalmic check-up – from CHF 1800.00

Medical interpretation – from CHF 120.00 / hr

Limousine service – from CHF 100.00 / hr

Some clients choose to do their rehabilitation amidst the beauty and tranquillity of Switzerland. We also organize stay in wellness and SPA hotels famous for their mineral springs and methods of rehabilitation and equipped with high-quality medical resources. Apart from effective planning of treatment, we will be happy to offer you any service upon request: we`ll organize a transfer, recommend a hotel, provide a visa invitation letter and accommodation for your accompanying persons, as well as interpretation and translation services.

Interpreters provide direct and correct interpretation to all discussion participants (doctors, medical staff, clients). The linguistic knowledge required to perform such type of interpretation goes far beyond everyday language. Moreover, translation of medical texts requires relevant experience in the medical field. Professional translators/interpreters maintain neutrality and guarantee independence and confidentiality.

If necessary, we`ll also organize any transfer. Apart from effective planning of your treatment, we will be happy to offer you an airport pick-up and any transfer to the hotel, doctor, clinic and back.

Yes, of course. Moreover, in case of long-term treatment we recommend our patients to take one of their confidants: spouse, children, parents, friends, siblings. Your nearest and dearest will give you moral support in a foreign country during therapy. Your confidant can choose hotel accommodation, share a ward with you or stay in a single ward. If necessary, we`ll also provide an invitation letter and visa support to your accompanying person. Please contact us and we will duly organize the trip and accommodation of your close ones.

An onsite medical examination is a perfect way of diagnostics and decision-making significantly improving the quality of a medical consultation. Request an onsite medical examination and we will take charge of all necessary organizational steps. A top medical expert will examine you and provide recommendations. You will also receive all relevant documents for your personal medical history. Please note that all required documents to be shown to your doctor shall be first translated into German. Apart from effective planning of treatment,  we are happy to offer you any other services upon request: we`ll organize a transfer, recommend a hotel, provide a visa invitation letter and accommodation for your accompanying persons, as well as interpretation and translation services.

Apart from you, the data can be accessed by our administrator who provides access to the engaged specialists. Thereafter, they become visible to a medical expert in your case, a translator/interpreter and if necessary to third-party medical specialists . Both medical staff and translators/interpreters are not authorized to disclose your personal information to any third parties (rule of confidentiality). If personal information concerns a child under 16, it can be disclosed to the guardians of the child.

Your data will be stored in encrypted form separately from the data of other people. All medical data will be stored on Swiss servers that guarantee state-of-the-art data security to the extent possible. Airdoc will in no case transfer or store medical data outside Switzerland. However, when sent by email or as a result of force majeure, e.g. a hacking attack, the data may be disclosed to third parties. By emailing us your data or saving them on our server in the medical dossier, you accept such risks and discharge Airdoc from any liability. If special confidentiality is required, please contact us and provide data using a pseudonym or in paper form. We will also do our best to protect your electronic data. The user data will be transmitted to Airdoc using a secure Internet connection: transmission is performed using 128-bit encryption based on SSL protocol (SSL = Secure Sockets Layer). A secure Internet connection can be recognized by “http” extended by “s” (https) in a web address (URL) indicated in the address bar of an Internet browser. Another sign of a secure connection is a lock icon shown in most browsers. Such protection steps will be constantly improved to keep pace with technological progress.

When submitting your information in form of a request, you agree with our Data Processing Policy. The fields to be filled in include your full name, date of birth, email address, country of residence and phone number. The mentioned data is used to make an appointment with a doctor, send your request to clinics, rehabilitation centres and SPA hotels and get you subscribed to our newsletter. The additional data may include your questions, preferences, medical records and comments, as well as your physical address.

Airdoc ensures confidentiality and security of your data. Your data will be used only for provision of medical and any ancillary services and for information purposes and will not be transferred to third parties not involved in your particular case (see “Who can access my personal data” below).

The protection of the patient data is of high priority to us. The data is transmitted using a secure SSL technology. Your encrypted data will be stored on a Swiss server. You will receive an automatically generated password, please keep it secure! It is impossible to recover or change the password for security reasons.

To understand a medical opinion correctly and unambiguously, it is reasonable to entrust the translation thereof to a specialist – a professional medical translator. You should also have your medical records translated into your mother tongue in case you need an examination or continuation of treatment in your home country. The linguistic knowledge required to perform medical translation goes far beyond everyday language. Moreover, translation of medical texts requires relevant experience in the medical field. Professional translators undertake to maintain neutrality and guarantee independence and confidentiality. Airdoc engages qualified, certified, professional interpreters and translators. We are ready to assist you in translating and executing all necessary documentation.

Translators will provide correct and timely translation. The linguistic knowledge required to perform such type of translation goes far beyond everyday language. Translation of medical texts requires relevant experience in the medical field. Professional translators undertake to maintain neutrality and guarantee independence and confidentiality. Please note that all documents to be submitted shall be first translated into German. We will be happy to offer you such service.

The cost of a video consultation with a Swiss specialist starts from CHF 800.00. A medical expert opinion includes many hours of examination of the documentation and the cost starts from CHF 2000.00, including translation of a certain part of your documents into German. If you submit all documents in German (or at least in English), the cost of an expert opinion may be lower. In case of incorrect translation, a doctor has the right to refuse to issue an expert opinion.

We will provide a medical interpreter who, as a rule, comes to a clinic or medical practice and interprets from a doctor`s office.

For some reason you are currently unable to come to Switzerland for examination. In this case we will connect you with your treating doctor using a video conference. Such consultations may be necessary in the following cases:

You are examined or treated in Switzerland by a certain specialist who manages your therapy. When you get back home, an unexpected circumstance arises and your domestic doctors recommend you an operation or a new treatment. You get in touch with your Swiss doctor using our video consultation service to discuss the situation.

You requested a written medical expert opinion, an assessment of your proposed diagnosis by a Swiss doctor. You received and read his/her assessment. You still have questions and you would like to discuss his/her opinion in detail with a Swiss medical specialist. Request our video consultation service.

You have a certain disease/concern that can be diagnosed remotely. For instance, you want to make sure that a new mole is harmless by asking a Swiss dermatologist. Or you want to show the course of a neurological disorder to a doctor. A video consultation will also be helpful in such case.

As a rule, a video conference is conducted in form of a Skype consultation. Skype is broadly used for holding online conferences and is a perfect option for remote personal consultations. Regardless of your place of residence, you can get in touch with a doctor directly, without any additional travelling costs. If you choose a Skype consultation, please give us three suitable consultation time frames, your Skype nickname and phone number. Please keep in mind any possible time difference.

Airdoc has its own pool of interpreters and translators with experience in the medical field. We will be glad to provide any translation and interpretation services.

As a rule, we send you an independent specialist opinion within 5 working days after receiving your request and medical records. Sometimes doctors call a case conference for a medical expert opinion. In this case the issue of a second medical opinion will take longer. To make the process as effective as possible, our experienced Airdoc medical team will assist you in preparing your medical history and if necessary provides interpretation services. The documents shall be provided to a doctor in German. An opinion of an independent specialist (doctor) will be provided in .pdf format and translated into Russian or English.

If you trust your treating doctor, we definitely recommend you inform him/her about any additional medical opinions concerning your case. Many doctors appreciate the opinion of their colleagues and will welcome your active participation as a patient in the process of decision-making in respect of your medical service.

Apart from common knowledge such as physical exercise, balanced nutrition, moderate alcohol consumption and no smoking, any person needs to go through an annual check-up or preventive examination for maintenance of his/her health and timely diagnostics . Regardless of age, a preventive examination requires a detailed blood test and a consultation with a physician. Thereafter, in case of absence of any diseases or negative family anamnesis, a check-up shall include consultations with medical specialists depending on your sex and age. Thus, it is advisable that an annual female check-up also includes a gynaecology consultation, and men are recommended to visit a urologist every two years. Swiss pulmonologists prescribe fluorography only in case of any complaints and it was excluded from the list of compulsory check-up procedures many years ago. It is recommended to consult an oculist at least every two years. Upon reaching the age of 50, everybody is recommended to do a colonoscopy and so on. Airdoc and its doctors make an individual check-up schedule, depending on the client`s age, sex, preferences, current complaints and family anamnesis. We also arrange a family health assessment.

Just send your request to info@airdoc.ch or fill in the form on our webpage and click “Free consultation”. You can also read the post “5 steps to treatment or consultation in Switzerland or abroad through AIRDOC” on our webpage.

People who need medical services abroad due to their health condition should plan their trip carefully and get correct and reliable information. It requires proper knowledge of the medical infrastructure of the country. Language barrier makes planning more difficult. Patients usually have many questions such as:

  • Which steps are necessary?
  • Can I get a medical treatment visa?
  • Where can I get correct information about doctors and clinics?
  • How much will it be?
  • Is the received information correct and up-to-date?
  • Is online information reliable?
  • Which medical service providers are truly professional and how can I assess their offers properly?
  • What is to note if I am planning to get medical service abroad?

Anyone may get confused about such puzzling questions. Therefore, our mission is to provide up-to-date and reliable information to those who really need help.

For our clients from all over the world, we organize medical examinations, courses of treatment, rehabilitation and SPA treatment in top clinics in Switzerland and around the world which profile exactly meets your needs. In the name of our clients, we assess suitable clinics, request the estimated cost and clarify all details. Upon request, we also organize transfers and hotel accommodation, provide visa support, interpretation and translation services, and if necessary accompanying persons.

We are open on working days, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (Swiss time, UTC +01:00 / CET). During working hours, you can reach the employees of Airdoc by phone +41 79 855 63 85, WhatsApp, Viber or Facebook Messenger.

Regardless of the time of the day, you can always contact us at info@airdoc.ch or fill in a general request form. The form is available in several languages.

There are several answers to this question. Sometimes, necessary treatment cannot be provided in the patient`s home country: for example, replacement of the vitreous which is an ordinary and routine operation in Switzerland cannot be performed in some countries of Eastern Europe. A certain medicine required for therapy may not be allowed in the patient`s country of residence. While Switzerland may already be introducing a new medicine, people on the other side of the world may just be starting to use a medicine of the previous generation. Some patients prefer a certain clinic or a certain internationally recognized doctor. Others just want to get examined in a comfortable clinic in the atmosphere of a 5-star hotel with globally recognized specialists using the state-of-art medical equipment. Some kinds of medical services are provided abroad in a more complete form than in the patient`s home country. Let`s say, surrogacy is prohibited in Switzerland, but allowed in other countries which the Swiss choose for treatment. And, finally, people go to such countries as Switzerland for treatment to maintain anonymity and confidentiality.

Yes, it is. We will make a schedule of your stay, pick you up at the airport, organize a limousine service, provide an interpreter, arrange treatment, hotel accommodation or hospitalization, excursions, rehabilitation SPA treatment and bring you back to the airport.

To get examined in Switzerland, you need a touristic or a medical treatment visa. We will provide visa support and a visa invitation letter.

Concerning cooperation and promotion in Switzerland and invitation of Swiss / German / Austrian patients to your clinic and/or referral of your patients to Swiss specialists, please contact directly the CEO of Airdoc Markus Will at markus.will@airdoc.ch in English or German.

Concerning remote cooperation with other doctors, in particular, for the purpose of receipt of a second medical opinion, please contact directly Anastasia Will, the co-founder of Airdoc, at anastasia.will@airdoc.ch. You can send your request in English, German, Russian or Italian.

The cost shall always be calculated individually depending on the type of treatment and the overall standard of living and price level in the country. Thus, Switzerland and the USA are among the most prestigious but also the most expensive countries for medical tourists. Germany and Israel occupy the second place in the market in many aspects followed by South Korea. Turkey, the Czech Republic, Latvia, Hungary and other countries also provide medical touristic services which cost, as a rule, is lower than in Germany or Israel and much lower than in Switzerland. We have an extensive chain of partner clinics and contacts around the world and we will be happy to provide you with the most suitable medical service package.

Switzerland is a world leader in terms of investments in medical infrastructure and healthcare. In 2019, the amount of the local healthcare spending was equal to around 90 billion Swiss francs, 87 billion were spent on the Swiss medicine in 2018. These figures speak for themselves: here you will find the most state-of-the-art medical equipment and pharmaceuticals. Swiss doctors not only have access to excellent education but are also obliged to improve their qualification annually and take part in scientific congresses and conferences all over the world. In other words, every Swiss doctor possess in-depth and continuously updated knowledge in their area of medicine. Besides, Switzerland is also a magnet for the best medical specialists from all over the world:  it offers very attractive working conditions for doctors both in the scientific and practical and everyday aspects, therefore the best medical specialists from all over the Earth work here. Junior medical staff is also well-educated, knowledgeable, polite and attentive. A years-long tradition of teamwork of the senior and junior staff guarantees success of treatment and rehabilitation, especially after surgery. It is to note that Swiss hospitals have the lowest infection contamination rate, among others, thanks to highly qualified junior medical staff: Switzerland is a leader in terms of safety of hospitals and well-educated professionals monitor postoperative rehabilitation and quick recovery and treatment of patients. The list of arguments for Switzerland is endless, but let`s just add how beautiful, clean and friendly this country is.  

Our Swiss network includes doctors with all main medical specializations, including general surgery, cardiology, oncology, neurology, orthopaedics, stomatology, ophthalmology, gynaecology, obstetrics, urology, paediatrics and specialist in rare diseases. If, in exceptional circumstances, our base of hospitals and clinics does not provide a suitable specialist, we guarantee that we will find such for you.

A check-up is also called a preventive examination. It is a preventive medical examination for the purpose of health maintenance, early diagnostics and easy treatment of newly diagnosed diseases. In fact, the earlier a disease is diagnosed, the more easily it can be treated. A check-up should be done annually. A minimum check-up includes an extended blood test and a consultation with a physician. Based on the results of such tests or the preferences or anamnesis of the patient, additional tests may be prescribed, such as cardiology, urology, gynaecology check-up, dermatology, rheumatology, surgery, gastroenterology, ophthalmology consultation etc. Airdoc will organize the most suitable check-up in Swiss and foreign clinics depending on your personal situation and preferences.

Please read Childbirth in Switzerland on our blog for more detailed information.

Unfortunately, not. Concerning obtainment of Swiss permanent residence or citizenship, please contact our partner lawyers by sending your request to info@airdoc.ch or filling in an enquiry form on our webpage.

We will pick you up at the airport and provide an interpreter to accompany you. Nothing to worry about!

As a rule, a medical consultation makes people nervous. And in a stressful situation, proper words, even simple ones, may slip your mind, not to mention medical terms, descriptions and definitions. Therefore, we recommend you have an interpreter next to you at least during the first consultation. Then you`ll be able to gauge your skills and if the conversation goes smoothly, you`ll go to the next consultation alone. From our experience, some clients book an interpreter time after time just to be on the safe side: they are having a conversation with a doctor on their own and the interpreter is at their beck and call, which reduces anxiety of the client.

You can come to us for examination and a medical expert opinion. You will need the services “Online second medical opinion from Switzerland” and “Skype video consultation with a Swiss doctor”.

Please request from us a written medical expert opinion concerning your documentation and an explanatory video consultation with a doctor.

A second medical opinion or a medical expert opinion is a comprehensive assessment by a specialist of your medical history, diagnosis and treatment schedule. A doctor asked to provide a second opinion will approve your diagnosis and treatment or suggest an alternative and if necessary will recommend additional tests. A second medical opinion is extremely important: the diagnosis or treatment schedule of many patients requesting such service may be eventually changed. Request a second opinion and we`ll take charge of all necessary organizational steps. A top medical expert will consider your case and provide a written medical assessment of your diagnosis and methods of treatment. Please note that all relevant documents shall be translated into German beforehand. Sometimes the assessment of the documentation submitted in English is possible. Please contact us if you need any assistance in translating your documentation.

A second medical opinion shall be requested if a patient is unsure about the proposed diagnosis or the proposed methods of treatment are connected with complex, costly, unpleasant procedures or risk. In particular, it is worthwhile to request a second opinion if your doctor recommends a serious operation; you were proposed a serious diagnosis; you were proposed a rare diagnosis or long-term treatment; your doctor is unsure about your health condition or diagnosis; you were proposed a method of treatment you are unsure about; you just have any doubts.

The doctors cooperating with Airdoc are recognized experts with years-long experience in their field. Each of them has his/her own practice and works for one of the top Swiss clinics.

If you still have any doubts, then yes, a third medical opinion may confirm or disprove your decision. However, if it means a fifth or n medical expert opinion, then you should stop and listen to yourself and eventually choose one or two doctors you trust and exactly follow the prescribed therapy without changing the methods of treatment on the move and doing things half-way. It is to mention that the methods of treatment may significantly differ from country to country. Therefore, after choosing a foreign doctor, you`ll need to follow the prescribed method of treatment even after returning home.

To give an opinion, a medical specialist will need your current diagnosis and the relevant supporting documentation (all your images such as MRI, US, X-ray, CT, PET-CT; diagnostic tests – blood test, urine test etc.); description of the past medical treatment; proposal for the current/new therapy; your personal medical history: describe your medical history and your concerns in your own words. The documents shall be submitted in German. A doctor may request additional documents if he/she needs more information to issue a second opinion. If necessary, we will be happy to provide translation services.

Yes, if you are authorized to do so by such person or if you are a guardian of the patient. To get an independent opinion, you should submit the medical records specifying the current diagnosis of the patient, prescribed treatment schedule, and supporting documentation (for instance, MRI or diagnostic tests), and a full version of the medical history.