Kinderwunsch Info Weekend – the desire to have children

Kinderwunsch Info Weekend is an event for everyone who would like to have children, but are currently facing temporary difficulties in making this wish come true.

During the Kinderwunsch Info Weekend on 16-17 October 2021, health experts, doctors, consultants and clinics will give numerous speeches and hold personal discussions to inform the visitors about everything related to the desire to have children.

Specialists from many countries will present themselves and look forward to exchanging their experience on the topic of the desire to have children. Kinderwunsch Info Weekend will provide guidance to those wishing to have children and those interested. For all genders, married, unmarried, singles and mature people.

You will learn, among others, about the treatments available domestically and abroad, the associated costs and how to choose the right clinic. In addition to medical guidance, it will offer transparency in legal issues.

The event is organized by our company Airdoc Health Travel.

Kinderwunsch Info Weekend has its own website in German and English: