Airdoc – Treatment, Prevention and Education in Switzerland and Abroad

Check-up and treatment in top Swiss and foreign clinics. Telemedicine from Switzerland, video consultations with Swiss doctors, medical events in Zurich and online second medical opinions. Education in Swiss boarding school.

Additional services and guarantees
  • We will make an appointment whenever convenient for you and prepare an examination or treatment schedule
  • We will arrange treatment either in Switzerland or in the foreign partner clinics and rehabilitation in Switzerland
  • We will organize remote video medical consultations, provide translation and interpretation services and arrange written second medical opinion
  • We will provide a secure encrypted Swiss system for uploading your medical records and protection of the uploaded data
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Our specializations
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Giving birth in Switzerland

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Gynaecology in Switzerland

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Cardiology in Switzerland

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Cancer treatment in Switzerland

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How we work
5 steps to treatment or consultation in Switzerland and abroad through AIRDOC
Request a free consultation
Describe your medical problem. Or call us at +41 79 855 63 85, and we`ll provide you with the relevant information
We contact you
Our specialists will contact and provide you with the relevant information and, if necessary, request your medical records
We redirect your request to the clinics
If you have any preferences concerning the clinic, please inform us, and we`ll send the request to the preferred one
We discuss your treatment with doctors and clinics
The preparation of the schedule of consultations, examinations or treatment, including the approximate cost thereof, will take 3-5 business days
We email you the results, the schedule of treatment and the total cost
We`ll send our reply to your email, including your prevention, diagnostics or treatment schedule.
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Already received your diagnosis, images, test and examination results and have your questions ready? Please fill in the application and the medical dossier.
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Our partners
Below are some of our partner clinics. The full list is provided upon request