Check-up, Preventive Examination and Health Maintenance in Switzerland

A check-up or preventive examination in Switzerland is aimed at maintaining your health in the long run and prevent diseases. Contact Airdoc to request a health assessment in a Swiss clinic and get an individual or family check-up in the atmosphere of a 5-star hotel.

To get a check-up, you can choose accommodations right inside the clinic offering the service. It will allow you to go through all check-up procedures in a comfortable and fast way, so as not to waste your time getting to the clinic.

Regardless of age, a health assessment requires a detailed blood test and a consultation with a physician. Thereafter, in the case of the absence of any disease or negative family anamnesis, a check-up shall include consultations with other medical specialists depending on your sex and age. Thus, it is advisable that an annual female check-up also include a gynaecology consultation. Men are recommended to visit a urologist every two years. Swiss pulmonologists prescribe fluorography only in the case of complaints and it was excluded from the list of compulsory check-up procedures many years ago. It is recommended to consult an oculist at least every two years. Upon reaching the age of 50 it is advisable to do a colonoscopy. In the case of any disease or positive family anamnesis, tests and doctors shall be added accordingly.

Airdoc and its doctors create an individual check-up schedule, depending on the client`s age, sex, needs, current complaints and family anamnesis. We also arrange a family health assessment.