Childbirth in Switzerland – where and how to give birth abroad

Where to give birth in Switzerland

Future mothers in this country can choose to give birth in university clinics, private hospitals, independent “maternity houses” and even at home in presence of midwives.

Clinics of Switzerland: childbirth

University clinics are the most standard and budget-friendly choice. Giving birth here, as well as in all delivery rooms in Switzerland, you can count on good care and excellent doctors.

In private clinics, you will be surrounded by greater attention, and your stay will be more personalized and exclusive there. Many private clinics, in addition, are in very picturesque places and have spa services and equipment.

Maternity houses of Switzerland (Geburtshäuser)

The so-called maternity houses enjoy special popularity. These are independent establishments where childbirth takes place under the supervision of midwives in homely conditions. Perks of such system are calmness for the mother and professional medical care of midwives outside of bland hospital surroundings. The Swiss midwives have a medical education, conduct pregnancy, deliver babies, and also help you during the postnatal period.

Doctors advise to choose maternity hospitals, only if you want a natural childbirth, and your pregnancy proceeds normally. In other cases, it is better to choose a clinic with a more extensive list of experts and equipment available.

Preparation for childbirth in Switzerland

When you decide that you want to give birth in Switzerland, you will have to take care of some details and subtleties of the process of traveling to another country, being in position. We strongly recommend that you do this in advance. To facilitate the process and avoid stress, it is always necessary to consult with your medical tourism agency in detail, as well as with your gynecologist at home and the one in Switzerland.

We draw your attention to the fact that you can fly to Switzerland only until the 34th week of pregnancy. Future moms on week 34 and later are not allowed on board because of the risk of premature birth. After the birth of the child, it will be possible to travel home again in 2-4 weeks on average. Because of the amount of time that you will need to spend in Switzerland in the end, you need to consider the cost of living in the country at this time.

Childbirth in Switzerland: documents

If you require a visa to come to Switzerland, make sure that its validity of your (as well as the validity of visas for accompanying people) must cover the whole time of your stay in the country – better count more time in, than less. It is also worth considering that according to the law, Switzerland does not grant citizenship or residence permits for either a newborn child born in Switzerland or his parents.

Do not forget to bring along all the necessary documents for the correct registration of the newborn. A full list of documents, as well as all kinds of help with their translation, will be provided by your medical tourism agency.

How to organize childbirth

Airdoc will help organize childbirth in leading Swiss specialized clinics.