Childbirth in Switzerland

Airdoc will assist you in organizing a childbirth in one of the top specialized clinics of Switzerland to ensure your positive experience.

Future mothers are recommended to come to Switzerland at least one month before the estimated date of the happy event and stay there. It would also be reasonable to choose a Swiss gynaecologist who will monitor your health condition from early pregnancy and then stay with you during the baby`s delivery. To do this, you`ll need to visit our country a few times to be seen and examined by an obstetrician-gynaecologist. For future parents to stay calm, Airdoc also offers a remote consultation: you can always send your Swiss doctor your test results, ultrasound images and ask any questions during a video consultation. You stay in touch with your doctor even after the childbirth. You can ask your medical specialist any questions during an online or offline consultation.

  • Please contact us for the following services:
  • Assistance in making a schedule for your trip, treatment and stay in Switzerland
  • Assistance in executing all relevant documents
  • Assistance in arranging all facilities both in a clinic and an apartment/hotel
  • Interpretation services
  • The service «Childbirth in a Swiss Clinic» includes the following:
  • 5-day accommodation in a single ward, nursing care, room service, full board

48 hours of free parking for an accompanying person, natural childbirth and subsequent rehabilitation = 6 hours in a delivery room, delivery nursing service, cardiotocography by a gynaecologist, neonatal nursing care, medications, doctor fees, anaesthesiology services and epidural anaesthesia if necessary (included), consultation with a paediatrician, neonatal examination, ultrasound of the newborn`s hip joints, 2 postnatal consultations, gynaecology examination: first consultation, 4 subsequent pre- and postnatal consultations, natural delivery control, including daily visits, medical reports.

Estimated cost of such delivery: CHF 36,000.00.

A caesarean delivery is more expensive because of the operation required. The cost will be around CHF 47,000.00.

More detailed information about pregnancy and childbirth in Switzerland is available on our MedBlog.