SPA Treatment in Switzerland

Airdoc organizes thermal resort treatments in wellness and SPA hotels possessing their own top-quality medical resources in Switzerland and partner countries. When choosing a SPA treatment, Airdoc will take into account the properties of mineral waters, since one person needs them to restore the digestive system, another person expects them to relieve joint pain and some will prefer a wellness program – massage, wraps, anti-age treatment or just relaxation in private thermal springs. Our experienced consultants are always ready to help you reserve a program according to your condition, needs, age, and interests.

When selecting a treatment program, a good option is to book a treatment and vacation package, e.g. in Swiss thermal and mountain resorts. The mineral springs in Switzerland will help increase the effect of the treatment and provide excellent recreation.  Depending on the location of the thermal springs, the underground waters of the Alpine country contribute to the improvement of the musculoskeletal apparatus or general rehabilitation, kidney and liver detoxication, digestion and pressure normalization and many others. No doubt that the most famous thermal resort in Switzerland is Bad Ragaz, a partner organization of Airdoc. Bad Ragaz offers its guests a very broad variety of luxury services: thermal water SPA treatment, anti-age programs, culinary delight, cultural events, shopping, mountain hikes, and exceptionally comfortable accommodation. Bad Ragaz has hardly any competitors offering the same level of luxury, however, over a hundred thermal SPA oases throughout Switzerland compete with it when it comes to wellness. Among them is Baden, a thermal spring with the highest mineral concentration – a modern SPA complex newly built on the territory of historical baths; the beauty of Vals, where a famous architect Zumthor decorated hot springs with silvery slabs and made the resort world-famous, including architecturally; the thermal springs of Leukerbad, the highest and largest in the Alps and many others semi-secret oases known only among the Swiss. Airdoc will give you advice on and reserve the most suitable SPA wellness program for you.